Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sample from 12/28/15

Breakfast  8:56 AM
Boost Glucose Control Creamy Strawberry Shake

Snack 1  10:30 AM
Boost Glucose Control Creamy Strawberry Shake

Snack 2  1:00 PM

Lunch 1:30 PM
Spaghetti with meat sauce, baked
Homemade bread

Dinner 6:30 PM
Macaroni Salad

Snack 3 9:30 PM
Canned pears

Feeling: I admit to eating way too much starch and not drinking enough water.  Other that that, I don't feel so bad about what I ate.

Consumed fruits
Consumed breakfast

Consumed too much starch.

I admit that I every time I try to lose weight I either fail because it feels like I am on a diet.  I restrict what I eat oftentimes.  It isn't as if I don't know what I to do.  Some of it is because of poor choices. Sometimes it also about a fear of failure.  There is nothing fun about feeling like I am constantly afraid to fail.  The truth is, I have tried everything.  How do I overcome this fear of failure?  How do I overcome making decisions based on how much or how little I eat?  I am just tired of struggling, even with all of the help I am getting.