Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Taking a break

I will write today's entry tomorrow.  Right now, I am taking a break tonight.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Food journal for 7/20/16

Breakfast (8:20-8:55 AM)
-three plates of food
--two chef salads
--green cloud (like pink cloud except it is not red)
--home potatoes
--three slices of bacon
--2 sausage links
-ate at Shoney's of Florence
-a little guilt because I ate too much at one time
-total of three filled small plates

Snack (10:30 AM; 6:00 PM)
-purchased snacks and energy drinks
-should have been more careful with my purchases
-purchased specifically snack cakes, chocolate candies, chips, and energy drink

Currently a free day
--free of any type of dietary restrictions and of guilt
--can eat and binge to my heart's content
--would even advise against that

Usually I would feel so guilty about writing this in a journal, but I realize that if I were to lose weight, then I would have to write down every little thing down to the last detail.

Monday, July 18, 2016

November 2011 sample journal entries

November 23, 2011

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving! I do love this holiday, and I love fall, so I’m excited to go back home where the leaves are changing and it’s cold. I’m nervous about bringing Jack home to meet everyone, though! He’s going to be so overwhelmed, but I keep telling him that they’re all going to love him. Which I know they will. I guess I’m most worried about my sister, since she just got divorced. I’m worried she’ll feel lonely the whole weekend and won’t want to hang out with us because she’ll be the only one without a significant other. It almost makes me not want to bring Jack, so I can hang out with my sister the whole time and help her get through this.  But then again, that’s not fair to Jack or myself. I want my sister to be happy, but I have to do what’s right for me as well. I’m sure it’ll all work out. I just don’t want her to be depressed the whole time. Man, this has always been my favorite holiday, but this year I can’t wait for it to be over.

November 24, 2011

Well, today was the big day! Oh, I’m exhausted. I think mostly from worrying so much. Managed to calm my nerves by writing a poem on the plane:

Today is the day for thanks, food, and fun,
But what do I do if I’m nervous a ton?
I just want it to be the greatest of days,
But Sarah will be there forever in my gaze.
Will she be happy? Will she be sad?
Will Jack feel welcome and not feel so bad?
Today will be fine, today will be grand,
So stop all your worry and let this plane land!

It’s silly, but it helped keep me busy for a bit. Anyway, it went a lot better than I thought!! Thank goodness! The moment I knocked on Mom and Dad’s with Jack’s hand in mine was the most nervous I’d been in a while! And I don’t know why I was so nervous. I knew they’d love him, and I knew he’d love them, but it still scared me. I haven’t brought someone home to meet the family in a long long time...

Sarah ran downstairs to greet us right away, and she was beaming, so right away I let out a sigh of relief! Jack made a great first impression. Everyone loved the wine that we brought, and right away Mom and Sar-bear leaned in and said (not so quietly), “Jules, he’s adorable!” Jack winked at me.

Dinner was amazing. As usual, Mom outdid herself, but the best part was that Dad and Uncle Steve took Jack under their wings and did some bonding over football. It was just what I was hoping for!

The night went really well. I could see my sister getting sad a couple of times, but she composed herself very quickly and was right back in party mode. I’ll talk more privately with her tomorrow when we go shopping, but I’m just so glad that she seems okay with everything. And more importantly, I’m glad Jack hasn’t wanted to run away yet. ;)

 November 28, 2011

I haven’t had time to write the last couple of days because we’ve been so busy! Friday, we went shopping, and even though it was super hectic, it’s tradition, and it was fun! I talked more with Sarah, who was feeling a little more sad—or at least showing it more than Thursday. She just knows that the holidays are going to be a hard time for her this year, but that’s completely understandable. She was even saying that she might come out to visit Jack and me in LA for a week or two, just to get away! I think that’ll be fun. I really do miss her and don’t get to see her nearly as often as we used to just because we’re so busy. The rest of the weekend went well. Only a couple of awkward moments, like when it slipped that Jack and I were living together. I wasn’t going to say anything until after Christmas (one thing at a time, I said!). It wasn’t a huge deal—they knew we were serious—but I just didn’t want to deal with any comments yet. It is a little soon, I guess, but it’s right for us and we’re so happy together. Anyway, it didn’t seem to be so bad since they like Jack so much and think we work really well together. My mom pulled me aside last night and said, “Do you think he’s ‘The One’?” I blushed about a million shades of pink and said, “Mom!”  which basically means, “yes” without me saying it. She gave me a hug and a kiss.

It was really hard to leave them. I miss home a lot, especially around the holidays. But LA is where my life is right now. I cried on the plane, and Jack comforted me and said that, now that he knows my family likes him and that he likes them, we can go back anytime I want! That made me smile. I feel so lucky to have him in my life and to have such an amazing family. What a perfect holiday to help remind me of this!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My journal entry 7/10/16

I ate way too much food from between snack 3 (3:30 PM) and also snacks 4 and 5. (6 PM).  It is time to consume 200 calories or less for snacks.  That is my lesson for today.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Food Journal entry 7/9/16

I have a lot to learn about consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  However, I have a lot more to learn when it comes to eating smaller portions of food.  I ate 3 cups of cheerios with 2% milk, , a banana, and whole grain toast with a large helping of chocolate spread.  It was much more than the two tablespoons that I was supposed to eat, ax maximum.  I need help with consuming moderate portions of food.  This has been quite a struggle for me. (6:30 PM)

At least I consumed a moderate portion of raisin bran crunch with reduced-fat milk.  I was sleepy and tired because I have just woken up from a deep sleep at my desk. I know sleep is beneficial, but too much sleep can get annoying.  I tend to count or determine the amount of sleep per 24 hours.  My sleep clock needs a bit of work.  Like the other meals I ate today, I eat at home. (9:00 AM)

My lunch consists of 2 cups of raisin bran with 2% milk, a banana, and the same amount that I have consumed with dinner.  I will learn to measure foods next time.  I have measured food before.  I get hungry and thirsty even when I don't measure food.  That is something that I need help on. (12:00 PM)

Friday, July 8, 2016

First food journal entry after a while 7/8/16

I know that I don't take the time to go ahead and write out a journal of what I have consumed.  I have spent a while taking breaks and taking naps.  I have not been feeling well for the past few days, but now I am doing okay.

I am not sure if my food and drink intake have anything to do with my symptoms so I should check up on that.  I realize that I do consume too much food and drink in one sitting.  I can have two hot dogs, 2 pork ribs, and 2 cups of barbecued pork and beans in one sitting.  I don't eat in moderation and that is something I need to work on. (4:30-5:00 PM)

I know that I need to lose weight.  I have been advised or told to eat smaller portions of food. Measuring out food is something that I don't do often enough.  I have learned that fruits, vegetables, lean cooked meats, and whole grains are becoming good friends of mine.  Healthy foods really are good for the body and mind, including a baked sweet potato half I ate not too long ago (7:30 PM)  It isn't filled with so much junk.  However, I have eaten some chocolate peanut butter wafers and a coke, which is junk. (8:03 AM)

I also have an issue consuming junk food and other inappropriate items for breakfast.  The most difficult thing to overcome is consuming much processed food.  The upside is that they are cheaper and last longer.  The downside is that they lack the nutritional value and quality that whole foods have.  I guess that is where measuring foods and drinking more water and less soda come in.

I wonder if it is possible for me to consume more than meal for breakfast and consider it healthy? Maybe if I were to divide breakfast, then it is possible.  Other than that, then no.  Somehow I manage to do so.  I think that I do a good job otherwise when it comes to eating breakfast if I do at all. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether the meal is large or small.  This could be a turn around for me, writing the journal as it is.  I had some tater tots (2 cups), fruit, and at least 5 strips of bacon. Yep, that is too much in one sitting.  How do I eat in moderation at a buffet?  (8:45-9:30 AM)

I had several cups of water, and I will drink some more, but lately I have found myself drinking more and more over time.  Maybe because at least today, I had some coffee which lowered my blood sugar level, which caused me to shake and get tired.  Maybe the excess caffeine that I have consumed over the years is what caused the dizziness and the headaches.  I have been having this issue for a while now.  Hopefully soon, I will get better, not only health wise, but also with my eating habits.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


1. Find a journal that fits your life, or create one for yourself. Journals can be printed from the internet, recorded in a notebook, or kept in an app on a smartphone. Consider which format will be the easiest to fit into your life.

This link includes a couple of food diary templates that can be printed:

2. Record the amount you eat, as well as your mood, and any other factors that you choose. Do not worry too much about tracking calories. For now, the goal is to get a clear picture of how much you are eating, and the reasons why. This stage of the journey is about observation.

3. Keep a food journal for at least one whole week. You will begin to notice a pattern form, that relates to your daily activities and moods. The longer you journal, the clearer this pattern will become, and the more you will begin to develop a true understanding of your eating habits.

4. Review your food journal at the end of every week. Try not to read it every day. Simply record it, and review it later. The goal is to gather accurate information about your diet, for at least a little while, before actually making any changes. At the end of the week, take some time to reflect on your journal entries. Make note of any patterns you notice. It could be the amount of food you eat during work, how much chocolate you eat in the evenings, or that you always eat sweets during television time.

5. The patterns you have recorded are the key to understanding your own eating habits, and to making positive changes to your diet. You can take that personal, relevant diet information, and turn it into a positive plan of action, that tackles the root behavior around your eating habits. You will know what you eat that is bad, what affect it has on you, when and under what circumstances you over-indulge, and more. Now, take positive steps to make changes.

6. Work to make the changes that you have identified, and continue to record your habits using your food journal. Review at the end of the week, and see if you have managed to make a change for the better. Do this until you are completely happy with your habits.

 Great ideas and tips to start a journal

Friday, July 1, 2016

Food Journal entry for 7/1/16

 Totals:    1,923306642634
Your Daily Goal:    1,333 - 1,842163 - 29232 - 7060 - 15825 - 35
Remaining Today:    000 - 634 - 1320 - 1