Friday, August 5, 2016

My relationship with food

Right now, I am just too tired.  The night is young.  However, it seems to me that I am getting older than I should be.  Anyways, I will be okay however.  I have to not sweat the small stuff while seeing the bigger picture.  That is what I should do, not must do, but should do.  Like this reflection, this is a diary of what I can do.  That is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, I guess.  If only I know what it is. I feel the need to diet, not just eat healthy.  I feel the need to automatically avoid foods that are not good for me. How do I approach food that is either good for me or not good for me?  In other words, how do I have a meaningful, if not any positive kind of relationship with food?  Food doesn't love me back.  I feel like an abused person in this situation.  I have grown tired of the abuse.  I don't wish to grow tired anymore.  Doing something about it means to finally stand up, divorce, and thus take control.  I know nothing about an abusive relationship, thankfully, but I know that no one deserves to be abused.  I have finally opened my eyes and now I finally got to see the error of my ways and I finally got to see that I deserve better.  I deserve more.  I can do this, now that I see things clearly.