Monday, June 19, 2017

Not being so subtle about why

This morning, I consumed trigger foods.  That has been the issue this morning.  I failed to identify what the trigger foods are at times.  They are usually sweets and snacks, even those I would assume are healthy such as almonds and wheat crackers.  I have trouble consuming those in moderation.  As a matter of fact, I have trouble consuming most foods in moderation.  I have consumed way more than the maximum number of Weight Watchers points that I have eaten.  It has been this way for the past few days.  I wish.  Maybe I shouldn't wish, dream, hope, or even desire anymore.  I should just do what (I think or seems to me) is hard and that is the simple advice.  I know losing weight is hard and now I know why.  I am in need of structure and Weight Watchers is affordable and when the points are followed, it works.  Maybe the one that needs work is not the Weight Watchers problem; it is me.