Tuesday, July 5, 2016

From fractalpanda.com

1. Find a journal that fits your life, or create one for yourself. Journals can be printed from the internet, recorded in a notebook, or kept in an app on a smartphone. Consider which format will be the easiest to fit into your life.

This link includes a couple of food diary templates that can be printed:



2. Record the amount you eat, as well as your mood, and any other factors that you choose. Do not worry too much about tracking calories. For now, the goal is to get a clear picture of how much you are eating, and the reasons why. This stage of the journey is about observation.

3. Keep a food journal for at least one whole week. You will begin to notice a pattern form, that relates to your daily activities and moods. The longer you journal, the clearer this pattern will become, and the more you will begin to develop a true understanding of your eating habits.

4. Review your food journal at the end of every week. Try not to read it every day. Simply record it, and review it later. The goal is to gather accurate information about your diet, for at least a little while, before actually making any changes. At the end of the week, take some time to reflect on your journal entries. Make note of any patterns you notice. It could be the amount of food you eat during work, how much chocolate you eat in the evenings, or that you always eat sweets during television time.

5. The patterns you have recorded are the key to understanding your own eating habits, and to making positive changes to your diet. You can take that personal, relevant diet information, and turn it into a positive plan of action, that tackles the root behavior around your eating habits. You will know what you eat that is bad, what affect it has on you, when and under what circumstances you over-indulge, and more. Now, take positive steps to make changes.

6. Work to make the changes that you have identified, and continue to record your habits using your food journal. Review at the end of the week, and see if you have managed to make a change for the better. Do this until you are completely happy with your habits.

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