Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Food journal for 7/20/16

Breakfast (8:20-8:55 AM)
-three plates of food
--two chef salads
--green cloud (like pink cloud except it is not red)
--home potatoes
--three slices of bacon
--2 sausage links
-ate at Shoney's of Florence
-a little guilt because I ate too much at one time
-total of three filled small plates

Snack (10:30 AM; 6:00 PM)
-purchased snacks and energy drinks
-should have been more careful with my purchases
-purchased specifically snack cakes, chocolate candies, chips, and energy drink

Currently a free day
--free of any type of dietary restrictions and of guilt
--can eat and binge to my heart's content
--would even advise against that

Usually I would feel so guilty about writing this in a journal, but I realize that if I were to lose weight, then I would have to write down every little thing down to the last detail.