Saturday, July 9, 2016

Food Journal entry 7/9/16

I have a lot to learn about consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  However, I have a lot more to learn when it comes to eating smaller portions of food.  I ate 3 cups of cheerios with 2% milk, , a banana, and whole grain toast with a large helping of chocolate spread.  It was much more than the two tablespoons that I was supposed to eat, ax maximum.  I need help with consuming moderate portions of food.  This has been quite a struggle for me. (6:30 PM)

At least I consumed a moderate portion of raisin bran crunch with reduced-fat milk.  I was sleepy and tired because I have just woken up from a deep sleep at my desk. I know sleep is beneficial, but too much sleep can get annoying.  I tend to count or determine the amount of sleep per 24 hours.  My sleep clock needs a bit of work.  Like the other meals I ate today, I eat at home. (9:00 AM)

My lunch consists of 2 cups of raisin bran with 2% milk, a banana, and the same amount that I have consumed with dinner.  I will learn to measure foods next time.  I have measured food before.  I get hungry and thirsty even when I don't measure food.  That is something that I need help on. (12:00 PM)