Friday, March 24, 2017

Reflection for today 3/24/17

I have not added menus for the past few days.  I have to write down all that I have eaten and drank. Well, I have consumed all food and drink at home today.  I am okay, but I am still hungry.  I realize that mentally, I can lose weight.  It is up to me to do so.

9:50 AM

Scrambled Cheese eggs
Buttered toast
10:30 AM

As for dinner for now, I am trying to find something healthy to eat.  It is almost 7 PM and I realize that I consume dinner and at least one snack during the day.  I realize that I need that I am a diabetic who needs to watch her diet.  I have not consumed healthier foods enough.  I need to cook more and to actually do something about all of the things that I have learned concerning eating a healthy diet.