Thursday, November 6, 2014

Struggle and how to deal with it

I have struggled with food my entire life.  Today I am writing to tell the reader how I really feel.  I have been having low self-esteem for years now and maybe that has been the root cause of my eating lately.  However, that issue has nothing to do with my overeating this past week.  It is all about taking my health for granted.  I consumed healthy as well as unhealthy food.  It will take a while to list what I have eaten today.  I admit that bacon is not a health food and nor are sugary drinks good for me as well.  That is some of what I have consumed today.  There are times when I feel there is no hope in sight.  I am having a hard time listening and I wonder if I should entertain other avenues to lose weight.  I wonder if that will help me cover my issues with food and weight loss in general.  I could say only time will tell but there are times when I feel I don't have much time.  This is one of those times.