Monday, April 17, 2017

Food journal and reflection for 4/17/17

Breakfast-8:30 AM
I had a doughnut and some coffee
At least I had some breakfast

Snack 1
There isn't much for me to eat, at least not at the time.

Snack 2
Pineapple with sweet juice
I have hypoglycemia, which means my blood sugar falls really fast.  That was why I added sugar.

Snack 3
Pineapple with sugar
No rhyme, no reason.

I think that it is time that I do a better job of creating and writing everything down in my journal. Being embarrassed  is something that I have finally got over.  A journal isn't just everything I put down, but a confession of what I am afraid of.  I am feeling better.about things now and right now, I am thinking about adding water to all that I have eaten, which is true after what I had after the snack.  I also wish to drink some more water after I consume a salad for dinner.  Okay, I had a second helping, but at least I ate something healthy at least; however, I consumed way too much ranch dressing, which was almost half a cup.  I realize that sometimes, I tend to eat healthy only to "sabotage" it with unhealthy food or ingredients.  All I have to say is that "sabotaging" myself is actually worse that just eating a full plate of unhealthy foods.  That is something else I need to consider when losing weight.