Saturday, June 4, 2016

Food journal for 6/4/16

Date: 3/31/15
Weight: 303 lbs/134.9 kg

Time: 6:48 AM
Today is the first time that I went on the Slim Fast plan for years.  I want to prove to myself that I can lose the weight and keep it off.  I have to do this for myself and myself only.

Time: 11:30 AM
I should have written down the information that I have written much much earlier.  I had to estimate the time.  That is not good.

Time: 4:30 PM
I made plans to prepare and consume salmon with cooked spinach but I opted for the salad instead.  Maybe I should not have toasted 2 slices instead of one.  It was many calories, but according to slim fast, each meal should be between 500-600 calories.  I did an okay job since the food wasn't fattening and mostly unprocessed.

Time: 9:20 AM
The crisps were tasty.  I have decided to eat one bag per snack per day.  It is best eaten slowly.

Time: 12:40 PM
I didn't realize that the bar was worth 200 calories.  It was delicious but I should have halved it since the snacks are only supposed to be 100 calories.

Time: 5:15 PM
While a banana is healthy, I realize that that is all I should have eaten.  Juice should be consumed only in case of  falling sugar levels.  I am a diabetic and I suffer at times from symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Time: 8:30 PM
I was hungry, or at least I should have known.  I realize now that that should have been the third snack.  Wow.  Maybe next time.

Totals:    1,578273455161
Your Daily Goal:    1,300 - 2,300248 - 41449 - 9960 - 22325 - 35
Remaining Today:    0 - 7220 - 1414 - 549 - 1720
The total amount of calories that I have consumed over was a little larger in terms of the calories I was supposed to have eaten today.  The amount I was supposed to consume was between 1200-1300 at maximum.  I consumed all of these foods and drinks at home.  I am quite okay, however, with these results.  On the other hand, I need to do a better job of following this plan.

Weekly Progress
Calories1,300 - 2,3001,7742,2283,5852,5242,4521,5751,578
Fat49 - 99g67109259128764445
Carbohydrates248 - 414g232271501257342292273
Protein60 - 223g716621594951651
Cholesterol0 - 300mg2961915972932624220
Sodium, Na0 - 2,400mg2,1874,2208,0343,4153,1471,1371,222
Potassium, K2,000 - 3,500mg2,1512,1643,1151,5562,3204373,911
Vitamin A, IU100 - 110%896018241558942
Vitamin C100 - 500%34623814427533100643
Vitamin D100 - 150%305555--750850
Calcium, Ca100 - 150%1835243813276192
Iron, Fe100 - 150%309166717466122175
Fiber, total dietary25 - 351632502012661

Today's Note
Today's Note: I admit to consuming too many calories for snacks because I consumed too many snacks. I also have an issue with processed foods. I can do this and I will. I consumed less than 1600 calories. However, I have failed to fully follow the plan. I ended up hungry and ate more than 100 calories per snack. I usually consume up to 200 calories, or at least that is my goal. I have not done such a fabulous job following the Slim Fast plan, but I will tomorrow. Also, I only drank 4-8 oz. glasses of water.  I should have drank 8-8oz. glasses of water.