Sunday, October 4, 2015

Being honest and forthright

For the past few days, I have grown tired and lazy.  I just didn't like myself.  I am  honest enough to finally admit that fact.  I realize that I have to admit that no one else, even if they could, teach me or help me like or respect myself.  Do I have any respect myself?  Why is it even on this particular blog? Well not even trying to put down the foods that I eat amount to a larger symptom: dislike and dishonesty.  I got a wake up call this afternoon.  It is time for me to stop lying.  Even if I consumed 3500 calories worth of food, write it down.  A pound of food?  Yikes.  Anyways, I keep writing the cliches, "a lesson to learn from", but the problem is, I have yet to learn that lesson. I have often failed to take action.  I don't believe that I have consumed 3500 today, but I didn't consume much water or healthy foods either.  That is what I should be writing down at what times I consume them.