Thursday, December 17, 2015

How I truly feel

This was supposed to be a break post.  I have putting things off because of my lack of desire to lose weight.  It is time for me to write down everything and I mean everything.  My "dinner" was rather long.  I considered eating cereal, a banana, a cheese sandwich.  I forgot what else I ate, but I have learned never, ever to skip breakfast.  For lunch I had pizza and ice cream.  Yum, I realize, rather, know that healthy eating should be a requirement for me.  Eating healthier fare is what is best for me, but it has been a struggle.  How to overcome that would require accountability.  The problem isn't just the fact that my heart isn't in it, but that it is the holidays and it will be even harder to lose weight. I tried last year, and it did not work.  I just don't want to live on just hope, but on a common sense plan.  I am just tired of planning to plan, but I don't wish to suffer from a failure to plan.  I just want to have my heart in it.  I would like to have that more than anything which is ironic.