Monday, December 21, 2015

Re-post from 12/19/15

Today I tasted chocolate, devil's food cake (4 slices), and other flavors of icing and frosting today.  It was from this morning to this afternoon.  I realize that I am out of shape.  I should not be too tired whenever I clean up within a 20 minute span.  I should also spend some time doing so.  I have felt worse about myself than I have.  However, eating soup, a cheese sandwich, and some fruit doesn't hurt much either.  This would bring to mind that I need to create a more traditional journal about this, though I am not sure if I am ready due to the fact that I am concerned about being so honest.  Sure I have done so before, but it is based on the fact that other people would read this stuff.  That is something else I need to change.  My attitude is definitely something in need of an overall.  I will try to do the right thing because I am not so sure if I can do it..yet.