Friday, December 18, 2015

Today's journal entry 12/18/15

I should feel sick by now.  I mean I should feel physically ill, with all of the cake and cupcakes that I have "sampled" today.  However, I also baked a sample of macaroni and cheese.  It was multi-cheese macaroni and it turned out well.  Having it topped with mozzarella was a nice touch.  This was eaten, all of it, this afternoon.  I plan to not eat anything tonight.  I guess I did consume too much of the devil's food cake sample and the lemon coconut cupcakes.  At least they turned out well.  The problem was I baked the cakes too long therefore drying out the devil's food cake a little dry.  On the other hand, I have no complaints taste-wise.  I did manage to eat some fruit and drank a little bit of coffee this morning.  It was okay that I wrote down coffee because I need to consume more water and also journal it down.  It also doesn't hurt to tell what time I actually consumed the food I ate and the water or coffee that I drank.  I don't feel bad about what I ate or drink.  I know that my diet was not healthy, but at least I am being honest.  That is the most important thing.