Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last journal entry for 2015

I don't feel guilty about what I have consumed today.  However, I have no idea how many calories I have consumed.  I had a lunch and that is my only meal.  I tend to eat irregularly during the holidays. Maybe it is time to eat more regularly before and during the holidays.  I have waited until after the holidays to consume foods.  I have made many mistakes along the way.  I already know what the mistakes are, but I have difficulty applying them to my "situation".  The issue is, however, I have made no plans to lose weight.  However, I have planned to make no resolutions.  That would be of help to me so that no pressure will be put on me.  I have broken every resolution to lose weight. Lately, I ended up feeling like a failure.  My attention span is short and I tend to have fears and doubts about losing weight.  I have a mindset that is all or nothing and I tend to not get help from others.  Those are the real issues that I have to face and deal with for I have dealt with and lived out the consequences of those actions.  I don't feel guilty about what I have consumed but learning from the past is something that could help in holding myself accountable.