Monday, March 31, 2014

Admitting some things

I realize that I do consume too many processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables.  I like many can be easily deceived.  I feel like my problem is that processed foods while they taste good and do last longer than fruits and vegetables are not a friend so to speak.  Additives and preservatives are added to foods that lack nutritional value.  Try as they may, most potato chips have additives and contain salt and other spices no matter how healthy they claim to be.  I guess there is a war on obesity where more and more people are obese.  I cannot say that there is an epidemic like there is AIDS, but at the same time, obesity is something that must be taken seriously.  I wonder if I am taking it as seriously as I am supposed to.  The good thing is that I lost weight.  I cannot believe that I lost four pounds this weeks.  I want to be healthy and eat healthy.  I no longer want it to be a "dream" or something that I is hard to attain.  I did eat some pound cake and some chips, but I ate no fruits or vegetables, which is what I should have done.  Some country cookin' would have been healthier than what I ate.  Plus being a little active with the country cookin' wouldn't hurt either.