Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Homemade chicken noodle soup

I have not binge eaten today, which is good.  As with obsessive thoughts, I need to calm down as calming down means a slowing down so that I can read how hungry I truly am.  I do have a problem that is not too hard to solve.  In short, there is a solution to every problem.  There are things that I can do now to curb my binge eating issue.  I can seek help.  I can also cook healthier meals.  I like to cook and I don't have to worry about consuming processed foods and my body ending up with the health problems associated with eating too many processed foods.  I can also learn to eat in moderation, which would save many calories per day.  I admit that I have not done that much to eat in moderation to day, but I did manage to make and consume some homemade chicken noodle soup with whole grain noodles.  This is what I wish I had done earlier instead of canned soup, though it isn't a bad thing.  I just need to think of my having polycystic syndrome and diabetes.  Too much, especially, of the wrong foods can end up worsening my health in the long run.