Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dear God

Dear God,

I know I need help.  I have overeaten for much of the last few days and I need help.  I know that I have not logged in my eating habits for the spark people website.  I also have not exercised. I want to lose weight because I need to lose weight.  I don't feel proud of my sore lack of accomplishments.  I do overeat and I want to stop.  Help me to overcome this issue.  I don't know why I overeat on some days more so than I do others.  I have to stop buying trigger foods.  I need to eat some more healthy foods like nuts and fruits.  I want to lose a specific number of pounds but I know it will take a while to lose weight.  So far, I have lost 15 pounds and I am happy about that.  But I gained four pounds since I last weighed myself and I know I need help.  I don't think I am an emotional eater, so I don't know why I eat.  Help me to cope with overeating and with diabetes.  Help me understand that diabetes is a serious illness and I would like to reverse it.  I was ashamed to be diabetic and I feel like I do take too many medications, especially for my age.  I want, need, and desire to lose weight.  I need help, Lord.  Help me.

In Jesus' name,