Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Christmas 2014

Ice Cream
Macaroni and Cheese
Ham and Turkey
Stuffing with giblets
Marmalade and cranberry sauce

This is really what I did eat today.  I know it is a leftover dinner, but I do wonder why pasta tastes better on the second day than I do on the first.  The mac and cheese was delicious.  All I did was add more cheese, lol.  I tried to consume less food, but needless to say, I failed.  I am out of the ice cream but at least the cake is still here.  I may have gained weight from all of this but as stupid as it may sound, for now it is worth it.  I wish I had the strength and willpower to say no, however.  Maybe I will come January whenever I make my 2015 Resolution to lose weight.