Sunday, December 21, 2014

What I had today

I was thinking about brownies, yet I didn't have any today.  I did however, have some delicious oatmeal raisin cookies this morning.  They were small, yes, but they turned out well.  I don't believe that oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy but those are the ingredients that I have.  I wish that I brought some chocolate chips to think about it.

I also ate a lot of starch today such as sweet potatoes and red beans w/rice.  As a diabetic, starches are to be limited while fruits and vegetables should be eaten in a larger supply.  However, I can consume some lean meat, which is what I did today.  I roasted several chicken parts with lemon pepper and margarine.  However, maybe the margarine isn't such a good idea.  It would have been better if there were no butter or margarine and left unseasoned.