Sunday, January 26, 2014

Relaxing my mind

It took me long enough.  It takes me a while or at least a light bulb moment for good advice or sound instruction to sink in.  All I had to do was keep it simple.  Tomorrow, I plan to plan my meals and exercise.  If only for 10 minutes, I will exercise.  I am now wondering if I should plan and exercise daily in writing.  I do complain about the wrong things.  Instead of complaining, I will turn things over to the Lord's care and to just take the time to be thankful.  I just think complaining has brought me down.  It has done nothing good for me, none at all.  I only have 42 points for now.  But I also have a large "deficit".  No one who is spending money on a diet program should have a "deficit" as large as I have.  Planning meals is what will do me some good.