Friday, January 31, 2014

My strengths and weaknesses

My eating habits need to change.  In fact, I need and want to change.  I may have lost weight, but I believe that I still eat the wrong kinds of foods.  I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables.  In fact, I don't eat enough whole grains either.  I would like to try low-calorie foods that are at least healthy.  I feel like I should just give up, but I am not which makes me smile.  I feel good about what I ate however.  I would just want to consume also, more fiber.  I consume too much sugar and sodium and not enough fiber.  I am diabetic and I now realize that healthy foods come in a greater variety than I thought.  I have to realize that I also need to do a better job with eating in moderation.  I realize also that I need to make small changes.  I am on Weight Watchers and I have to remind myself that I need to be healthy and eat healthy.  I am getting healthier but not healthy enough.  I would like to know where to start.