Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plan re-post from 4/25/16

Plans and guidelines for me to follow...simple, huh?...or not?
Daily diet plan and Guidelines

Meal: A
Time: B AM/PM
What I ate or drink? C
Number of calories: D
How much or number of ounces: E
Location: F
Carbs: G
Feelings and thoughts: H
Right: I
Wrong: J

I don't care to consume more than 2000 calories per day unless stated otherwise to lose weight.
I will go to the refrigerator and be patient enough to write a meal plan for the day or week, which will be realistic so that I won't end up changing my mind during the day.
 I will make sure that whenever I write a grocery list, it is healthy and it includes the entire     household.
 My plan is to follow a realistic diet schedule that is easy to follow.
 Determine if I am really hungry in terms of the foods I eat (per meal).
 I will write down trigger foods or drink.
 Read and write down nutrition labels so that I can track down the specific health contents of my foods.
 Be specific; write down times, trigger foods, nutrition, meals, and portions.
 I will shorten the grocery list.
 Do an inventory of the foods that I will consume for the next day, week, 2 weeks, or month.
 I will also write down the number of carbs per meal per day.

Daily Exercise Plan and Guidelines

Time: A
Specific exercise: B
Mindset before exercise: C
Mindset after exercise: D
Equipment: E
Reflections for exercise: F
Calories burned: G
Pulse: H
Time limit of exercise: I
Actual time of exercise: J
Number of sets: K
Reflections: L

Consider schedule for week.
Consider how much time to exercise.
Consider what exercises I am able to do.
Consider the time of day when to exercise.
Consider my mindset period.
Consider my health.
Consider if I am in need of equipment for said exercise such as shoes or weights.
Consider the length of the actual exercise.
Consider if I am able to exercise that long.
Consider why I think exercise, in my mind, is still somewhat drudgery.
Consider what my own motivation is to exercise.
Consider my emotional and physical state during exercise.            
Consider how I am supposed to gauge how much work I have done.
Consider my results and not forget to log them.
Consider the number of times to exercise per day.