Sunday, September 8, 2013

Decent day

I have issues learning to determine if I want to eat or if I am truly hungry.  That is one of the reasons why I binge.  I have not binged in the past two days and I hope that this lack of binging continues.  I have eaten a variety of foods.  I feel pretty good about what I have eaten.  I am not so stuck on calories like I once was but I know that it is a hard habit to break.  Counting calories has been difficult to break and it has gotten tedious.  I had a lot of information at my disposal and that was a problem.  It confused me but when I got down to the meat and potatoes sort of speak, I realize that I didn't need all of that information.  I have drawn up a contract that I will follow until I lose the weight.  I have become honest and I was at a plateau.  Now I can get out of that plateau and have fun with it.  Exercising for tomorrow is now on my mind and it feels good.  I wish that I could just do it, but learning how to do things and actually doing something small is a good thing.  I feel good about actually being able to make a change without giving up.