Friday, September 6, 2013

My weight loss contract form

On this ______________ day of __________________, 2013, I hereby declare that I, ______________________________________________ have made a contract to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  In this endeavor, my goals are for now to consume _______________ calories per day until the  ________________ day of  ______________________, 2013. 

Here are my goals for now:
I plan to lose 6 pounds by October 7, 2013.  Then I plan to lose 10 more pounds to get out of the ________ + pound mark.  Then my plan is to lose 10 more pounds to get out of the ________+ mark.
I promise to hereby remember that calories are not the end all to be all and that there are alternatives to counting calories.  My current weight is ________ pounds.  My temporary goal weight (1) is _____ pounds.  My secondary temporary goal weight is ________ pounds.  My third temporary goal weight will then be __________ pounds.  My overall goal weight will be between ______ pounds and ______ pounds.  My total weight loss will be between ___________ pounds and ___________ pounds.
Here are my motivations to lose weight:
Right now, I am a current weight loss plateau; because of this plateau, I fail to understand that a plateau would equal changing my routine.  However, I am overwhelmed by this plateau and realize that I need to change my routine.  I do need to exercise more and eat healthier.  I am living with diabetes, PCOS, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol.  I will learn from this day forth how to eat in moderation, to relax and be mindful of the meals that I eat, and appreciate the food that is in front of me by eating slowly and enjoying the taste of said food.  I will learn of the health benefits of each food and drink that I consume. 
What will happen once I lose the weight?
I will no longer be as self-conscious and overwhelmed about my weight.  I will be able to fit into more varieties of clothing than I do now.  I will have a greater ability to move around and not feel all of the aches and pains that occur partly as a result of being overweight.  My cholesterol will be lower and my blood pressure and blood sugar will be normalized.  The diabetes will be reversed.  I will have to worry less about my health because I will be healthier.  I can finally be better able to manage my hormones and blood sugar.  I will feel better about myself and my body because I have accomplished a lot if I were to lose weight and eventually will keep it off.