Sunday, October 12, 2014

It is amazing !?!

I have consumed more than 2800 calories today.  Luckily, I ate much of it in fruits and vegetables and lean meats.  I finally realize that there is a link between diet and anxiety.  I have been anxious for a long time and I have often wondered if I weren't anxious, would I still have issues with poor dieting.  So I also wonder if there is some correlation between how I feel about myself and diet and anxiety.  I had struggled with that most of my life since I have been bipolar and anxious most of my life.  I have PCOS, which means that I will not only have to deal with physical symptoms but emotional symptoms as well.  I will have to be extra careful, extra watchful, and work extra hard to reach my goals.  Eating 2800 + calories would at least be the opposite of that.