Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not proud

Dear Heavenly Father,

It isn't very often that I pray about the foods that I ate.  I got greedy and ate too much unhealthy foods and not enough of the healthy foods.  I ask for Your forgiveness for my lack of faith.  I ask that You would increase my faith so that I will receive guidance when it comes to my health.  I believe that nourishing the mind, body, and spirit are important and unfortunately, I have not done a good job in neither lately.  Help me.  Help me with my lack of faith.  Strengthen my faith and I trust You in all things.  Remind me that I have health issues and whatever I eat or drink may or will have a positive or negative influence on my health.  I know that life is too short but my health at times I feel is getting worse.  It is partially because of my poor diet.  How do I change my eating habits?  I need guidance and my need help.  I also thank You in advance for answering my prayer.

In Jesus' name,