Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"My Food and Diet" Musings blog

Just because something is available doesn't mean I should buy it, share it, or consume it.  That is the problem that I have had today.  Well, that is a problem that I have had most of my life.  I consumed over 2800 calories which is far more than what I have consumed on average.  It doesn't help that that is what I mention earlier.  I have no clue not only what to eat sometimes, but how to eat.  Now is not the time to beat up myself however.  I do that too often.  None of my meals are what I would consider healthy.  Either the portions were not healthy or the food items themselves were not healthy.  I don't feel guilty per se, but my blog is a production more or less musings about my food intake, my views on diet, and about my calorie intake.  I believe that this blog has been helpful in that regard.