Sunday, January 10, 2016

Journal entry 1/11/16

Snack 1
10:50 PM
Pretzel rods 3
Total 3
Should have logged in, but ate one serving of pretzel rods, so I am okay.

Snack 2
11:00 PM
Nature Valley Bar 7,
Black coffee  0
Total 7
Should have also logged in last night.  However, I realized that I engaged in mindless eating.  I was not watching television so that did nothing to affect my appetite.

Breakfast  11 AM
Cheerios Multi-grain cereal 9
Reduced fat milk  8
Raisin bran crunch 12
Black coffee  0
Total 29
I feel that cereal is an example of a trigger food or rather, trigger foods.  I realize that as much as I love cereal, that was way too much.  Cereal is something that I often don't measure hence a reason why I overeat.

Lunch 1:00 PM
Chicken Fingers 7
Salad dressing 5
Total 12
I should have eaten more vegetables.  However, I am glad that I have correctly logged in.  It was ranch dressing and not Italian dressing.

Snack 1 6:30 PM
Almonds 4
Peanuts 26
Total 30
Peanuts should also be measured.  While nuts are healthy, I doubt that they are good in small quantities,

Dinner 7:20 PM
Lime-water 0
Total 0
I should have eaten something, but I was not hungry.  It does not matter, however.  It is best to consume three square meals a day.  I guess.  If only I have the knowledge of being a nutritionist.

Total points for 1/10-1/11  
Weekly Smart Points - 151 points left
Daily Smart Points Value 45
Extra points 36

Right: Eaten breakfast and a light lunch.
           Identified trigger and processed foods.
           Drank lime water instead of sweetened or powdered drinks.
Wrong: Not measuring foods that are trigger foods, which have been eaten in large quantities.
             Consumed too many processed foods.
             Consumed too much fattening foods (sweet, processed, fried, etc)