Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Journal entry for 1/12/16

Breakfast  6 AM
1/2 cup mixed nuts 13
Popcorn poppers 5
Total 18
I didn't consume that much food today, so I guess I realize now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Homemade Bread 6  5 PM
Pineapple chunks 0 3:00 PM
Total 6
The pineapple chunks are in reality a snack.  I didn't eat the lunch proposed in my diet and exercise blog.

Snack 1 11:30 PM
Almonds 4
Peanuts 13
Total 17
I have yet to be mindful of how many calories I consume, even of the healthier or healthiest foods.

Dinner 5:10 PM
Cream cheese 5
Homemade bread  4
Sliced Cheese 8
Deli-Ham 4
Total 21

Total points for 1/12/16
Weekly Smart Points - 217 points left
Daily Smart Points Value 45
Extra points 12
Total points consumed = Daily Smart Points + Extra Points = 57

Right: Eaten breakfast.
           Consumed more than one serving of fruit.
           Measured food.
           Identified trigger and processed foods.
           Drank lime water instead of sweetened or powdered drinks.
Wrong: Processed foods still eaten in large quantities.
             Struggled to engage in mindful eating
             Struggled to cutting out processed and trigger foods.