Friday, January 15, 2016

Journal entry for 1/15/16

Breakfast  9:45 AM
Lance Whole grain cheddar cheese filled crackers 8
Total 8
Mood: tired.  I sometimes eat to stay awake.

Lunch 4:00 PM
Apple 0
Bread 19
Total 19
No guilt here, though I could have eaten more fruit.

Dinner 6:35PM
Collard greens 0
Baked sweet potato 4
Bread 7
Total 11

Snack 1 12:30 PM
Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Pretzel Nut bar 6
Total 6

Total points for 1/15/16
Weekly Smart Points +35 points left
Daily Smart Points Value 44
Extra points 0
Total points consumed = Daily Smart Points + Extra Points = 44

Right: Cooked instead of eating processed foods.
           Consumed more than one serving of fruits and vegetables.
           Drank lime water instead of sweetened or powdered drinks.
Wrong:  Consumed a large amount of bread in one sitiing.