Thursday, January 7, 2016

WW diet journal entry 1/7/16

Breakfast  10:45 AM
Ham and cheese sandwich  6
Hint of Lime chips  5
Green tea  0
Total 11

Lunch 1:00 PM
16 oz. Water  0
Ham sandwich on grain 9
Total 9

Dinner 4:50 PM
Cheerios 3 3/4 cups with milk 21
Total 21

Snacks 4:58 PM
Snack 1 Cream cheese sandwich  11
Hint of Lime Chips  13
Total 24

Snack 2  1:15 PM
Strawberries 0
Whipped Cream  2
Total points 2

Total points for 1/7/16    67
Weekly Smart Points -2

The truth is, I don't feel great about consuming a total of 67 points when the daily amount of point is only 45.  Weight Watchers I hope will help me with why I ate so much today.  They have experts and coaches so far who could help hold those who join the program accountable.  Also this journal entry entry and myself will, and are, holding me accountable.  Right now, my mind is calm.  I was frustrated because of all of the food I was eating.  I realize I have been on this program before.  I was left frustrated and somewhat unable to lose weight.  My weight has or had the tendency to go up and down.  How do I make sure my weight goes down?  My weight is never stable.  This time I want it to go down.  I believe that identifying and getting rid of trigger foods from my grocery list would help me greatly.  That would also help me become more mindful of the foods that I eat as well.  I have a mindfulness problem that needs to be overcome as well.