Monday, January 11, 2016

Journal entry for 1/11/16

Breakfast  10 AM
Raisin Bran Crunch 8
Reduced fat milk  5
Nature Valley Bar 7
Apple 0
Total 20
I feel that cereal is an example of a trigger food or rather, trigger foods.  I realize that as much as I love cereal, that was way too much.  The cereal was actually consumed at 8:30 PM tonight instead of in the morning.

Lunch 1:00 PM
Rice  3
Butter beans 5
Pineapple chunks 0
Total 8
I have actually measured.  It was a lot more food than I thought.

Snack 1 1:20 PM
Raisins 6
Total 6
I measured this as well.  Having 1/4 or 1/2 cup of any food is actually a substantial amount.

Dinner 3:35 PM
French fries 20
Total 20
No guilt whatsoever.

Snack 2 3:40 PM
Almonds 8
Peanuts 13
Walnuts 8
Popcorn Clusters 1
Total  30

Snack 3 8:30 PM
Honey nut cheerios with milk 15
Total 15

Total points for 1/11/16
Weekly Smart Points - 205 points left
Daily Smart Points Value 45
Extra points 54
Total points consumed = Daily Smart Points + Extra Points = 99

Right: Eaten breakfast and a light lunch.
           Measured food.
           Identified trigger and processed foods.
           Drank lime water instead of sweetened or powdered drinks.
Wrong: Processed foods still eaten in large quantities.
             Struggled to engage in mindful eating