Friday, April 17, 2015

An honest reflection of my eating habits

I am not doing well.  I realize that I can use this as a lesson in what to eat and what not to consume.  I have to remind myself that losing weight is very important and shall be viewed as such.  I need to take my health more seriously and that includes my eating habits.  Judging from what I ate today, I have to say that I did not eat healthy at all.  I do not eat in moderation, and I eat either whatever is available or what is unhealthy.  It is best to bake, broil, and steam food.  Sure fried foods and brownies are good, but the guilt does at times remain.  I don't recall anyone feeling guilty at eating baked chicken, yet I realize that many times there is guilt at eating a candy bar.  However, how much of a gauge should guilt play a role?  I need to remind myself what is the root cause of my issues.  Is it that I have a hard time resisting temptation, and if so, why?  What are the issues that I am dealing with?  Why am I overwhelming myself so easily?  Those are the questions that I myself need to answer, but until then, I have a lot to learn.