Saturday, April 18, 2015

The root cause is fear..

I prayed about this.  I believe that the root cause is fear.  There is a fear of failure.  There is also the fear of getting off track which is connected to the fear of failure.  I felt like I have failed myself, and failed miserably. I look at my menus and I rarely follow them, so they are often proposed.  I also take a look at my Weight Watchers tracked menus and I see that that is the truth.  I have to realize that I live in a house with another person.  We often consume different types of foods.  She likes all types of greens while I don't eat as much of it. She likes tomatoes and rice, but I am not a fan of it.  She eats fried cornbread, which I don't like.  It is difficult to make a short list and it is also difficult to save on food.  I would like to make a realistic budget, if that is possible.  I feel like that is a hard thing to do.  What do I need to do?  Should I change my tastes? Should she?  That in reality won't happen.  So how do I deal with shopping for two people with a budget for an entire month and save?  That is a question that I need to answer.  I believe that if I could answer those questions, then it could go a long way into how I would deal with the fear of failure.