Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I may have to do a traditional journal.

I am taking a break from the usual day of putting up daily journals from Spark People.  I am just writing because I have a problem with binge eating.  It has made losing weight an even bigger struggle than it should be.  Having periods of weight loss then weight gain cycle bothers me.  I wish I could just stop.  I know that I need help.  I didn't eat breakfast because I wish to fast before I have blood work drawn.  It is a big mistake I realize.  I have in fact, eaten foods to catch up with breakfast. That is also a big mistake.  I think it is high time to make this more personal and also more traditional.  I gained a lot of weight and that is something that bothers me.  I do have PCOS, which would make weight gain more apparent but weight loss more difficult.  I realize that that is the case because my journal is filled with no time, or no guilt feelings that I need to write.  I realize that over time, it will be even more difficult to lose weight and that is added pressure.  How do I overcome this pressure, for I tend to do this alone?  I am in need of help and I realize that progress needs to be made.