Sunday, January 15, 2017

I am back on

January 15, 2017

Red Delicious - Apple, Small, 1 apple (2 1/2 " diameter)5615g0g0g0mg1mg11g3g
Sams Club - Butter (Unsalted), 1 tbsp1000g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Nature's Own Honey Wheat - Toast, 2 slice14026g2g6g0mg250mg4g2g
Coffee - Brewed from grounds, 2 cup (8 fl oz)50g0g1g0mg9mg0g0g
Zaxbys - Chicken Fingers, 2 strip1585g7g18g46mg740mg0g1g
Homemade From Vch - Biscuit, 3 Biscuit840102g39g18g0mg2,580mg9g3g
Velvetta Shells & Cheese - Macaroni and Cheese, 1 cup36049g12g13g20mg870mg4g2g
General Mills - Cheerios, Honey Nut*, 2 cup (28g)29359g4g5g0mg427mg24g5g
Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 1 cup12211g5g8g20mg100mg12g0g

Food Notes

I realize that I need to stop eating too many biscuits and other breads. I guess they would count as carbs. I haven't eaten any dinner yet and I have learned that I will go over my calorie limit today. My idea of what is a good meal needs to be fixed. I only consumed 4 glasses of water today.