Wednesday, January 11, 2017 journal entries and reasons to create a diary

Here are some of the great things a weight loss diary can help us do:

Clarify and focus our weight loss goals
Break down our goals into manageable chunks
Plan future activity and eating patterns
Record our actual activity and eating patterns
Record other important "peripheral information"
Keep track of our progress towards our goals
Better understand and manage our eating habits and portion sizes
Break unhealthy and emotional eating
Take guess work out of the weight loss equation
See how balanced our diets and lives are
Improve our nutrition
Stay motivated
Stop unconscious eating
Overcome the hidden barriers to our weight loss success
Understand the relationship between our eating habits, our exercise habits, our lifestyle habits and successful weight loss
Understand which of life's stresses impacts us the most
Understand our sleeping patterns
Track our blood pressure, cholesterol levels, Body Mass Index, etc
Provide a hard record of our successes

What to record on a weight loss journal:
Our weight loss goal
Our daily activities/exercise
Our daily food and drink consumption
Our current and progressive weight
Our current and progressive body measurements
Later on, we can also start to record things like:

The amount and quality of sleep we get
Our daily energy levels
Our daily emotions