Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I didn't eat healthy today

I could say that I ought to be ashamed of myself, but I'm not.  That doesn't mean that I am so proud because I ate healthy today.  I often pick foods that are supposed to be healthy only to consume either too much at one time or consume foods that are unhealthy.  In short, I am not proud because I did not eat healthy today. I however, don't wish to be frustrated since every day is a lesson to be learned.

Here is really what I ate
        Oatmeal pie and apple
        Yogurt Pretzels (an entire bag)
         Popcorn with Orange Juice
Snack 1
         PB&J on honey wheat
Snack 2
         KIND bar
Snack 3
         Roasted Almond (an entire small bag)

Looking at the menu for today, here is what I should have done.  The truth is, I was concerned about my blood sugar and also I was hungry, truly hungry.  I wish I had divided both the yogurt pretzels and the almonds into the number of servings as packaged.  That way, I would have eaten as packaged.  I consumed the PB&J yesterday and carried it over for today.  The KIND bar is quite healthy on its own so I did well.  I should have chosen something else to eat along with the apple, but since it isn't chocolate, I thought it was okay to consume for breakfast.  The popcorn I admit wasn't the best snack I ever ate for dinner, but I didn't know what else to consume at the time.  However, I remind myself to plan my meals in advance and to actually follow the advanced plan.