Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I have done okay

I have done okay.  I have one more snack to consume today.  I know that I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods.  That has always been a struggle since processed foods too, are everywhere.  I don't avoid eating healthy foods, but I also struggle with eating in moderation.  Today I cannot say it is over though I wish it is so, but I have eaten in moderation.  It was so hard.  I tend to eat more than I really need.  Half a cup sounds like too little when I don't measure it.  However one cup does sound even better, but it only sounds good when I consider the nutritional information of a bowl of mac and cheese versus a bowl of cereal.  It is not hard to determine which one is better for me.  However, it hasn't always been easy to consume just the amount of food needed to stay healthy.  That is why planning meals is not an optional thing for me.