Saturday, January 10, 2015

Being specific

Actually I am right now over 100 points over the point limit which is even more disappointing in and of itself.  The real reason is obvious.  I overate and there is no other answer.  Sometimes it feels good to complement myself but what I would like to do is not to just compliment but to express it different ways.  For instance, I should be more specific whenever I say that I did well.  However, I did follow the health guidelines  that have been set before me.  For example I consumed the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables to keep me healthy.  However, a change has to take place which is an opportunity to change my eating habits.  Today I consumed too many sweets and not enough whole grains.  Being specific goes a long way into not setting oneself for failure.  It produces changes that are small but make a big impact on my health and overcoming my poor eating habits.