Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things that can take me far

I would like to make changes to my attitude when it comes to admitting my mistakes.  I now believe that a change an attitude requires a change in expression, no matter how minutes.  A little does indeed go a long way.  I consumed nearly 70 Plus Points, with now only 22 points leftover for the week. What has been helpful is not planning meals and menus in advance but also sticking to them.  It also does not hurt to be honest about the mistakes that I make.  Honesty when it comes to a weight loss journey also goes a long way.  I knew that things wouldn't be perfect along the way.  I had to deal with these painful issues at hand.  I say painful because I still have to deal with being overwhelmed. Also the best thing to do is to follow the instructions and take things slow.  Take things one thing at at time would thirdly go a long way.  Yes, there are things that one can do in a weight loss journey whereas one can take things farther than even I imagine.  I guess that "low and slow " is truly the best way to go.