Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mindless Eating

For the past two days including today, I consumed a total of 124 points plus.  I would be saddened except that it was a lesson in mindless eating.  I admit that I do tend to engage in mindless eating every once in a while.  I do have my target foods that I snack on and that I don't need to cook like crackers and some cereals.  However, I don't have to eat them much less buy them.  So next month I will consume healthy foods and skip the cookies and crackers, especially the crackers.  It also would help if I didn't buy the cream cheese and the bagels.  Bagels and cream cheese take up quite a few points and whenever I make a budget of 40 points or even 50 points, I now realize that it is time to make minor changes such as using Ziploc bags so that I will only consume a smart amount and being consistent with what I have learned.  Doing something about it keeps me from being fixated on my weight.  The biggest issue is not knowing why I engage in such mindless eating, not binge eating, which would be worse on my health.  This would at most cause me to give up.  Looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself of why I want to lose weight are those things that will cause me to look forward and not to focus on my past mistakes.