Friday, July 4, 2014

I did it. The last two days have been a record....I think

I am taking a break today since today is July 4th.  I already know that I am going to overeat but hopefully not too much.  I don't know how many calories I am going to consume today, but I hope it won't be over 4,000.  Last year, I consumed about 4,200 calories!  That is 2-3 days worth of calories for me.  I hope to be more conservative today.

This is from the journal that I wrote this morning about taking a break.  Well, I did it.  I consumed more than 4400 calories, which is a record for me.  That is what I ate today plus what I ate after dinner yesterday.  It doesn't matter when I added those foods to the menu.  I overate.  I need to plan my meals and do a better job of doing so.  I need to better avoid those trigger foods as well.