Friday, June 5, 2015

A food journal which suggests change

After today, I plan to make it a real journal.  I need to lose weight.  No one has to tell me I need to eat the wrong kinds of foods.  I have, and still do, know that I rather consume a large pizza than I would consume a plain turkey burger with no cheese or condiments and sweet potato fries.  Neither of them sound like bad choices as far as taste goes.  It is just that I don't listen to a lifetime on the hips may be true if I put a pizza to my lips.j  I don't need or want tough love, but that is just what I need.  I have been given that tough love and how do I react?  I react with unappreciative depression and all the trappings of low self-esteem.  I love food but there are times when I can't stop eating.  In my mind, I know that pizza and chocolate don't love me back.  On the other hand, do I love me back?  I guess, but I certainly don't like me and that is where the problem lies, pun intended.