Saturday, June 27, 2015

Progress and reflections since 6/10/15

NUTRIENTS:GOALSAT 6/20SUN 6/21MON 6/22TUE 6/23WED 6/24THU 6/256/26
Calories1,200 - 2,0002,4501,9572,3582,0941,9831,9321,894
Fat40 - 67g106558276795928
Carbohydrates150 - 250g222223292219232202371
Protein60 - 100g6980122138588248
Potassium, K4,500 - 6,000mg4711,5103,174853886964183
Calcium, Ca120 - 200%541441622517714875
Sodium, Na0 - 2,300mg2,3832,9853,9163,5993,3241,3646,975
Magnesium, Mg105 - 175%17487567254813
Folate, total100 - 250%73244246367115244100
Cholesterol0 - 300mg17494295170129970
Vitamin B-12100 - 200%6716,90016,85417,03416,76716,92616,767

NUTRIENTS:GOALSAT 6/6SUN 6/7MON 6/8TUE 6/9WED 6/10THU 6/116/12
Calories1,200 - 2,000----1,0541,7692,197
Fat40 - 67g----106089
Carbohydrates150 - 250g----224249235
Protein60 - 100g----2365116
Potassium, K4,500 - 6,000mg----4262,3061,497
Calcium, Ca120 - 200%----1062182
Sodium, Na0 - 2,300mg----9193,5183,469
Magnesium, Mg105 - 175%-----5425
Folate, total100 - 250%----15147113
Cholesterol0 - 300mg----50282290
Vitamin B-12100 - 200%-----151120

NUTRIENTS:GOALSAT 6/13SUN 6/14MON 6/15TUE 6/16WED 6/17THU 6/186/19
Calories1,200 - 2,0001,9863,4101,9402,2013,0791,8832,182
Fat40 - 67g427268961327292
Carbohydrates150 - 250g147354250245309211281
Protein60 - 100g6915492871646876
Potassium, K4,500 - 6,000mg3,2823,6942,5641,0092,0984001,713
Calcium, Ca120 - 200%10812815873284133150
Sodium, Na0 - 2,300mg3,7475,1671,9405,9237,1773,0503,029
Magnesium, Mg105 - 175%5611310321643854
Folate, total100 - 250%13414832483365225253
Cholesterol0 - 300mg10532638255262121146
Vitamin B-12100 - 200%12716,79416,91316,71717,01716,89216,892

From Spark people:

This is my weekly progress so far since I started.  It looks rather backwards.  This past week is obviously the very first entry.  To me, this is a rather helpful guide to what I should be consuming and what I should not be consuming.  For example, I take B-12 supplements, which account for the high percentage.  Maybe I should level off of the the B-12 for now.  I should also try at least, to level my sodium intake.  While too much salt is the culprit, many processed foods contain sodium.  Sometimes, so-called "healthy" foods may or do contain just as much sodium as "regular" foods.  Therefore, it does mean that I do in fact need to consume healthier foods if my goal is to not only lose weight and keep it off.  My goal is to consume a healthy diet and thus end up  healthier.  I also realize that it will be difficult to change some of my habits at once, so I will have to start slow.  Maybe cutting back on salt intake and not actually buying processed foods help.  It would also help if I were to buy more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and fewer junk and boxed foods.  I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so cutting back on dairy and processed foods would be of benefit to my immune system.  It would be wise to do research on these goals, which would include the vitamins and minerals.  I don't wish to remain ignorant about what is healthy.  That could go an even longer way of being healthy.