Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My lack of consistency

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Chewy Bar

Kool-Aid, sugar sweetened prepared
Lays Garden Tomato Basil Chips
Turkey Pepperoni Sandwich

Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts
Hazelnut Spread
Lays Garden Tomato Basil Chips
Pretzel Chips

Snack 1
Wheat thins

Snack 2
Neufchatel-Cheese Sandwich on wheat

Snack 3
Cereal and almonds

Looking at the above plan, I say that this is too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good stuff.  The good stuff means vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  Hardly anything up there would qualify.  That is not something I am proud of.  I admit that I have not been consistent, but now is the time to be consistent.  I consumed a surprising 3,300+ calories today.  That is just way too much for me.