Saturday, August 9, 2014

My own lesson

I keep thinking it deep down even though I don't usually say it to myself: I can't.  I hope that those won't be two words I use together often.  What is even worse is that I believe it which deep down I have done.  I have a tendency to eat more processed foods and less fruits and vegetables.  This weekend I ended up with rotting, frozen fruit and more pounds.  I learned that lesson as I wanted to eat strawberries but they ended up frozen and dried up.  So did the raspberries.  So did a few of the blueberries.  So did a few of the oranges. What would possess me to be fruits that are going to end up spoiled and thrown away anyways?  Why don't I just buy the chips, cookies, and crackers?  They last longer and they taste better.  I gravitate towards those.  That is the problem.  The hardest thing to do is often the most productive.  Cookies and chips especially not eaten in moderation will certainly not produce the same benefits as those fruits would have had.  That much I now know for sure.