Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Journal entry for 7/15/15

Today was more or less a "free" day.  Unfortunately, that did not consist of any healthy foods or snacks.  I am not too sure of what time I consumed any of these foods.  However, it was some time after 11:00 AM. This morning I went to the store to purchase some chocolate bars.  However, I went to another local store to purchase some more candy.  Also, there were purchases of ice cream, sweet rolls, and sandwich cookies. I did not add any food to Spark people today since it was my free day.  Also, I realize that deep down I was ashamed.  I had no excuse except I was feeling down and depressed.  Something happened this morning to cause all of that.  Of course, shopping and eating chocolate lifted my moods and as a result, I had largely forgotten all about it.  I don't feel guilty about eating all of those foods.  I ate whatever I wanted, and in the quantities that I wanted as well.  However, there is some guilt as I had the opportunity to log in all of my food to Spark people, but I realize that what I consumed may have taken up at least a 2 days worth of food that I have eaten.  I also drank no water, but had the nerve to drink sweet drinks and coffee.  I am not sad but I have come to realize also that logging all food in is helpful in losing weight.  Most of all, I don't feel like I have to consume anymore food for the year.  Seriously, I had all of those past habits out of my system.  It isn't the right way to do so, but at least I will learn my lesson tomorrow, if I hadn't already.